What is your most pressing wedding question? Get answers at the Naples Bridal Expo!

One of the greatest benefits of the Naples Bridal Expo is the chance for engaged couples to get their pressing questions answered by wedding experts.

So we asked -- WHAT IS YOUR MOST PRESSING WEDDING QUESTION??? Some our Facebook Fans shared their questions on our page.  We post their questions and answers here AND they have been entered to win a special prize pack at the Naples Bridal Expo this Sunday, June 15 at the Naples Hilton!  BRIDES: Don't forget to register HERE!!
  AND get your questions answered by our wedding pro experts at the show!!

Here are the winning questions:

Kathy Asked: How do you decide what your budget should be?

Naples Bridal Expo Answer: Deciding on your budget total is dependent upon a number of factors.  First you need to decide the total amount of money you want to spend on the wedding.  This is a starting point.  Our experience has been that most people do end up spending more than this but it will give you an idea of where to start.  About 50% of your budget will go towards the venue, food and beverage.  The total is highly dependent upon how many people you are inviting to the wedding.  If you need to cut your budget, start by creating a smaller guest list.  With the other 50% of budget, determine what is most important to you.  Do want to make sure to have great entertainment?  Amazing photos and video?  The most exquisite gown? Determine the rest of budget plan based on a list of the other items by importance.  And remember the marriage license and church or officiant in your budget -- these items are actually the only ones you NEED to get married.  The rest is just for fun!

Mariana Asked: I'm a bit arts and crafty and I would really want to make a lot of our decorations, where can I get ideas that do not look pre-school? And not cost a fortune?

And be sure to check out Naples Bridal Expo on Pinterest

And be sure to check out Naples Bridal Expo on Pinterest

Naples Bridal Expo Answer: One of the best sources for DIY wedding ideas is Pinterest.  In particular, there are a few boards we just love by wedding bloggers that offer great ideas.  Check out: The Wedding Chicks on Pinterest, Etsy.com (for ideas or to purchase if you've had a DIY fail) and, from the Queen of DIY, Martha Stewart Weddings on Pinterest..  One caution on DIY for your wedding -- make sure the items you are creating can be completed at least two weeks in advance of the big day.  Don't try to DIY anything the day-of your wedding -- too much stress!

BRIDES: Don't forget to register HERE!!  AND get your questions answered by our wedding pro experts at the show!!