Booth Spotlight: Thirty-One Gifts by Cherie

We're excited that Thirty-One Gifts by Cherie will be joining us this Sunday, June 14 at the Naples Bridal Expo!!  BRIDES: Did you register for your {free} ticket yet?  There's still time!!

From Cherie: 

The first time I saw these products I fell in love with them.  There were somany things that I had to have. So, I figured why not become a part of Thirty-One and share thiswonderful, inspiring, and beautiful company with my  family and friends.

I am a mother of two boys and a wife of a Retired Army Soldier...Thanks to Thirty-One!
As much as we were traveling and moving, I had a difficult time with keeping a traditional career going as a teacher.  I needed something thatcould go with me and still be prosperous, And not feel so much like I was having to  start over againand again. Thirty-One has quickly become exactly what I was looking for.

This "job" quickly became so much more than CUTE BAGS !  The lifelong friendships that have been created, the inspiration that I can give to other women in all walks of life, and the financial freedom our family now has are now my "why" !

I hope you enjoy my website!  I'd love to share more of Thirty-One with you, whether it be having a party of your own or making a business for yourself. Feel free to call or email me anytime! I'd love to know  how I can help you make this Your 
Opportunity For A Lifetime!!